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With Fapstats, you can easily monitor your sexual activities and get detailed insights into your habits. Our advanced analytics tools allow you to dive deeper into your data and discover trends and patterns that you might have otherwise missed.

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Egal, ob du Single bist, in einer Beziehung, auf der Suche nach unverbindlichem Spaß oder als Sexarbeiter unterwegs bist — Fapstats ist dein persönlicher sex tracker

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Sex ist etwas schönes, behalte die Erinnerung.

Fapstats ist dein Sex Tracker der Zukunft, der entwickelt wurde, um dein sexuelles Wohlbefinden zu verbessern und dir dabei zu helfen, ein erfülltes Liebesleben zu führen. Mit einer Vielzahl von innovativen Funktionen und Tools bietet Fapstats eine umfassende Lösung für die Verfolgung, Analyse und Optimierung deiner sexuellen Aktivitäten. Egal, ob du Single bist, in einer Beziehung oder Sexarbeiter: Fapstats ist für jeden da und bietet individuelle Unterstützung und Anpassungsmöglichkeiten. Entdecke eine neue Dimension der sexuellen Gesundheit und Erfüllung mit Fapstats - deinem treuen Begleiter auf deiner sexuellen Reise.

Our Mission

Sex should not be a taboo topic

Our mission at Fapstats is to break the taboo around sex. We firmly believe that open and honest conversations about sexuality are important and can help to remove misunderstandings and build a healthy sexual relationship.

With Fapstats, we want to create a place that allows couples and singles to track, analyze and improve their sex lives while encouraging them to talk openly about their desires, needs and fantasies.

Our hope is that Fapstats will create an impulse to break the silence and encourage the conversation about sex to create a world where sex is no longer a taboo topic.

Some of Main Features

Features you love

Unleash the full potential of Fapstats and improve your sexual and mental health


Get detailed statistics about your sexual desire and your partners.


Add as much partners as you have. Set Partners as active to get more detailed statistics to your current partners.

Sex Toys

Add as many toys as you have. Discover your favorites and get statistics.

Sex Calendar

View all activities in one place. Different colors makes it easy to get the activity type.


Create your personal fucketlist of pleasurable experiences and track your progress as you turn your most intimate desires into reality.


Your tracked activities will earn you XP and help you level up.

Perfectly made for you

Ovulation Calculator

With our ovulation calculator, you can quickly and easily determine important dates like your next period, ovulation date, and fertile window.

But that's not all – the Fapstats Ovulation Calculator can also help you determine when to take a pregnancy test. By inputting the first day of your last period and your cycle length, our calculator can estimate the best time to take a pregnancy test and increase your chances of getting accurate results.

Ovulation Calculator
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