Changelog What's new?

New updates and improvements to Fapstats

Version 2.1.0

Connecting partner accounts & leaderboard statistics of the week


  • Your own friend code on profile page
  • Input field for friend code when editing partner
  • Customized calendar page for shared activities
  • Logic to edit shared activities when partner is active
  • Logic to calculate and display level and XP changes for the current week
  • SEO improvements
  • Added translations


  • Typo on partner page
Version 2.0.4

New content for homepage & general improvements


  • "Our Mission" section added on homepage
  • Technical and content-related SEO improvements


  • Global stats output according to condition if value is bigger than 0


  • Mobile improvements for homepage
  • Cookie Widget on Dashboard (Mobile) are now displayed
Version 2.0.3

Extension of the API


  • Leaderboard API for Fapstats Discord Bot
Version 2.0.2

Performance improvements, SEO and more


  • More information at account settings for "Delete account" card
  • More translations for branding and global-stats page
  • Hover animation for star rating
  • Primary color for list dots
  • Preselect for active partner if only one partner is active


  • Partners by relation and partners by gender statistics are now only displayed when there are 2 or more partners. (Previously with 1 partner or more)
  • Preselected star rating changed from 1 star to 5 stars


  • Login forwarding to dashboard did not work
  • General page change has been improved
Version 2.0.1

A few small changes after testing on production environment


  • Cronjob API route for sending weekly discord webhooks for leaderboard stats


  • The cookie widget has overlaid important elements in the dashboard
Version 2.0.0 Update Overview

The biggest Fapstats Update ever!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest update, the Fapstats Birthday Update! 🎉

After meticulous planning and hard work, we have implemented several improvements to enhance your Fapstats experience, including performance optimizations and SEO enhancements.

Here are the key highlights of the update:


  • Statistics: Explore new statistical insights to gain deeper understanding and analysis of your activities.
  • Time of Day for Activities: Now, you can track the time of day for your activities, allowing for more detailed tracking and analysis.
  • Fucketlist: Introducing the Fucketlist feature, where you can keep track of your desires and fantasies in a private and secure manner.
  • Leaderboard: Compete with other users and see how you rank on the leaderboard based on your tracked activities.
  • Extended Profile Settings: Customize your profile with the new public profile switch, giving you more control over your privacy settings.
  • Custom Greeting by Time of Day: Enjoy a personalized experience with custom greetings based on the time of day.
  • Page Transition Animation: Delight in seamless transitions throughout the website with new page transition animations.
  • Changelog: That you always know what's new in Fapstats.


  • Dashboard Design: Experience a fresh and modern dashboard interface designed to provide a more intuitive user experience.
  • Homepage Design: Completely redesigned homepage, modern look to attract new visitors to join Fapstats.

We are excited about these updates and hope they enhance your Fapstats journey. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions.


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You can find all previous changes in our Discord server in the #github channel!

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